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About us..

"We are those who show the giants to walk towards the long path of success..."

We provide solutions for today's dynamic electricity world. We believe in the power of trusting decision helper tools easy to easy access sensitivity and scenario analysis in today's variant business. The tools are there, the people is there, but the time is not always enough. Automation, tools implementation, optimization, feasibility studies, financial valuation and other assistance is the solution we specialize.

Our Team

Frank Leanez (MsC)

Principal Consultant

Over 15 years experience providing consulting and computational solutions for power system and electricity market studies. Knowledge of international electricity markets in USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia, South East Asia and Latin America

Electric Engineer-Economist

Energy Consultant

We are looking for electrical engineers and economists specialized or interested in power system analysis, power system economics and consulting. Don't hesitate to contact us!!

Computer Science Engineer

Information Systems Manager

We are looking for Computer Science Engineers and experienced programmers interested in Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. Don't hesitate to contact us!!

Our Customers

Generation Co.
Renewable Energy
System Operators
Storage Providers
Transmission Co.
Agencies & Regulators

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