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Renewable Energy Portfolio

Concerned about the country-wide Renewable Energy Targets and GHG emission reductions? If you think it is time to renew the portfolio, maybe you are right! Business oportunities for small distributed RE, small hydro, large power plants, storages location.

Operations Management

Gas nominations? Bidding into multiple markets? Long-term auctions with Renewable targets? Optimizing bilateral energy contracts and options? We don't believe in separated operational managenment the traditional way. Stop feeling frustrated about your company departments rowing in different directions. We provide the solutions, we implement the tools, we train your staff for a globalized, portfolio-oriented operation management


Concerned about surviving in the Energy business revolution? The alternatives are just renewing and are comming to stay forever in sustainable and developed world. We believe in indentifying the uncertainties, managing the information, studying the scenarios, creating strategic design and putting in place the right tools in the right hands, energy business is just getting greener than ever...

​Strategic Planning

Thinking about investing in Generation assets? Want to diversify your assets? Thinking about participating in regulated energy markets and auctions? We provide custom simulation results to optimize the trade-off between contracted energy and spot markets. We can give you the detailed financial contract shares and calculate the revenue streams required for the feasibility of your investment and diversification ideas. We provide strong backed-up market simulation solutions for satisfying the most-strict credit and bank requirements


Think out-of-the box. In the dynamic world of Technology learning curves, emission target announcements, batteries with longer cycles, fuel price dynamics, wind/solar variability, climate changes, smart loads penetration..
The is a need for a dynamic planning and managing, even for the conventional energy sources! We understand the business and work together with the decision supporting tools of your need. We don't sell, we design, integrate, implement, guide, test and maintain the custom system to your needs

Resource Planning

Don't trust any more in Centralized Energy Planning? Over-optimistic Regulator's and Planning Utilities expansion plans don't provide an entry for your investments?
We help you create sophisticated scenarios for energy planning to correctly follow the technology streams and innovations. We help you to build a more realistic forecast future for the Power System sector.
Preparing highly documented resource planning shouldn't be a many-months data preparation task any more. Using cutting edge technology we break the barrier of producing investments paths in the future fast and reliable..